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Have you been studying all year, extra-hard? Have you been putting in the efforts you have never made before? Have you been sitting up late, burning midnight oil to be ever more prepared? Have you written your +2 exams (12th grade exams) this year? More than 7 lakhs of students wrote their 12th exams (+2 exams) this year, and like you every one of them are waiting for the results. Years ago, the students had to wait for their results and when the results come out, they had to rush to the school to check the results. Technology has made everything possible, and now you can check your results, the second it gets published online. You can check your results and apply for the best colleges that will be applicable within your score.

There are indeed some colleges that make the applications available even before you check your results. There are yet some other colleges (read: international universities) that require another set of examinations after you check your results. When you check your result, you need to ensure that you have scored more or at the least the basic required marks that the college mandates.

When you check your results, you need to ensure that you key in the right credentials, else you might end up looking at someone else’s results. When you check your results, you might want to take a paper and a pen with you, so that you can write down your results somewhere and immediately apply for the best college education that you are eligible for. On the other hand, if you are in possession of a smart phone, you could even take a photo of the marks when you check your results. This will reduce the error and the possible confusions that might occur when you wrote the marks wrong or even interchanged the marks with the subjects.

The results are available at the website:
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