TNEA 2016 Rank list

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2016 (TNEA 2016) is a single window system of assisting prospective engineering candidates to choose their dream career path, by selecting the college and course that they wish to study in. TNEA is conducted by Anna University every year in a transparent way. TNEA 2016 Rank list is created once the candidates have registered using the application procedure. The 12th results have been announced, the students will already know their cut off for applying in TNEA 2016. TNEA 2016 rank list is not available yet, as the students are still in process of applying online. (The last date for applying online is 4-Jun-2016).

Once the candidates apply online for TNEA 2016, the application forms are properly validated to discard the application forms that are sent without enough information. TNEA 2016 rank list is prepared after they successfully generate the random number. TNEA random number helps the candidate to be ranked correctly before the big day (the counselling day). TNEA random number can be generated in the Anna University web link:

TNEA 2016 rank list will follow the below order:

1.Cut off is first calculatedwith the subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

2.If the cut off is same, the candidate with the higher Mathematics marks will have a higher rank.

3.If two candidates have the same Maths marks, then the Physics mark will help the student move up in the TNEA 2016 rank list.

4. If two candidates have same Physics marks, then the Chemistry mark is taken into account.

5. If all the marks are the same, then the 4th optional subject score is considered to rank the candidates.

6.If all the four subjects are the same, then the candidate with the older candidate moves up in the TNEA rank list.

7.If the subjects and the DOB are all the same, the TNEA random numbercomes into picture.

8.The TNEA rank list is then prepared and the candidates will be informed of their counselling date.

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