Architecture Engineering, gives you a detailed description of Architecture course , career options available and the list of institutions offering Architecture course in Tamilnadu.


    Architecture which mainly depends on creativity and innovation. Cultural symbols, modern buildings, Dams etc are the excellence of Architecture.

    The Architecture is separated from engineering because of emerging knowledge in scientific fields and development of new materials and technology. The Architects started to concentrate on aesthetics and humanist aspects.

    The future of Architecture is very blooming as clients become more interested in thinking innovative about the physical structure of the building, architects will need to collaborate the knowledge experts from different fields.

Architecture, the science of building which deals with the visualization of building blocks. Architecture is the study which deals with the designing and planning of buildings and structures. Architecture is a very competitive and multi disciplinary profession which involves various tasks at the work place. This is a field which covers various fields including spatial design, aesthetics, safety management, material management etc.

 Architecture Engineering

Environmental sustainability has become a mainstream issue, with profound effect on the architectural profession.The Developers in the future supports the facilitation of environmentally sustainable designs with low cost.

The recent movements of new urbanism, metaphoric and new classical architecture promote a development towards construction, that results in the development of smart growtharchitectural tradition and classical design. Architecture Engineers are in great demand as they create innovations all over the world.
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