Marine Engineering Career Opportunities

Marine engineering also comprises of engineering fields which are mostly related to the studies of human relationships with the sea. Hence Marine engineer should have the thorough knowledge in the following core fields:

  • Marine Hydraulics and Fluid Machinery
  • Seamanship, Elementary Navigation and Survival at sea
  • Marine Manufacturing Technology
  • Marine Electrical Machine
  • Marine Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  • Marine Machinery Drawing
  • Mechanics of Solids
  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • Marine Steam Engines
  • Marine Electrical Machines
  • Marine Engineering Materials
  • Marine Electronics
  • Marine Auxiliary Machinery
  • Marine Diesel Engine
  • Stability of Ships
  • Ship Construction
  • Marine Boilers and Steam Engines
  • Ship’s Fire Prevention and Control
  • Marine Control engineering and Automation

Career Opportunities

Employment prospects for marine engineers are growing which reveals a 9% increase in the coming years. Industries employing the marine engineers which are as follows :

  • Electronic Navigation
  • Environmental Protection
  • Offshore Oil Recovery
  • Defense
  • Underwater Vehicles
  • Marine Transportation
  • Global Climate Monitoring
  • Naval Architecture
  • Boat Building companies

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