Metallurgical Engineering Course Curriculum

Metallurgical engineering is the study of metals and their alloys. The course curriculum involves in the study of mining, extraction, design and processing of metals, as well as how metals react to environmental changes or stress. The following are the areas where the metallurgical students should deal with:

  • Elements of Physical Metallurgy
  • Mineral Benefication
  • Metallurgical Thermodynamics
  • Corrosion and Surface Engineering
  • Non Ferrous Extraction Metallurgy
  • Production of Steel
  • Metal Forming
  • Foundry Technology
  • Special Casting Techniques
  • Mechanical Metallurgy
  • Welding Metallurgy
Metallurgical engineering

Career Opportunities

Metallurgical Engineering also encompasses engineering areas which has application in various industries. It is one of the most wanted branches of engineering as modern applications require material with high strength and low weight along with other compatible factors. Some of the fields that a metallurgical engineer can get a career in :

  • Steel Industry
  • Foundries
  • Automobile Industry
  • Metal Manufacturing Sectors
  • Shipping
  • Robotics Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Research and Development

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