Instrumentation and Control Engineering, gives you a detailed description of Instrumentation and Control Engineering course , career options available and the list of institutions offering Instrumentation and Control Engineering course in Tamilnadu.

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

·    Almost all process and manufacturing industry such as steel, oil, petrochemical, power production will have a separate instrumentation and control department that should be managed by the instrumentation and control engineers. Automation in industries reveals the core job of instrumentation and control engineers. 

·      The growth in the aerospace, aeronautical and space research sectors has also increased the scope for instrumentation andcontrol engineers. Instrumentation and control engineers can also fit in both IT and hardware sectors.

·       Instrumentation and control Engineering will become a part and parcel of the life as we find instruments at home and workplace. The demand of instrumentation and control engineers is very large.

Instrumentation and Control engineers plays a key role in collecting data and changing the parameters and involved in increase in production. The instrumentation and control engineering is heading towards intelligent technologies like intelligent sensors, blue-tooth technology, smart technology etc.,.

Instrumentation engineering

Instrumentation and control engineer will play a great role in industries where there is automation. The instruments created by instrumentation and control engineers to automate results in reduction of man power, time and improvement in production, stability, safety of instruments.
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