Mechatronics, gives you a detailed description of Mechatronics course , career options available and the list of institutions offering  Mechatronics course inTamilnadu.


·    Mechatronics are extensively used in manufacturing of both mechanical and electronic products. Products such as washing machines, dishwashers, robots, microwaves etc., are products of mechatronics. 

·         The development of mechatronics is drastic and mechatronic devices can be found anywhere. The products of this field is specially engaged in medicine and surgery, agriculture, constructions, vehicles, toys, aids for the elderly and disabled.

·       The future variant of this field is biomechatronics, which mechanical parts with a human being in the form of removable gadgets such as anexoskeleton.

Mechatronics is the combination field of mechanical, electronics and computer science and information technology. Several innovations and technologies developed in almost all the fields are developed with the help of mechatronics engineer.

The different variant of mechatronics is motion control which is recognized as great technology in mechatronics. Mechatronics has diverse applications in the field of nano technology, biotechnology, oceanography, oil and gas, biomedical, transport and computer aided design.

Sensing and sensor fusion will be the next capability acquired by mechatronic industry. Already mechatronic process uses sensing abilities in air conditioning units in order to sense temperature and humidity. Such technology would be used in further products for betterment.
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