Plastic Technology, gives you a detailed description of Plastic Technology course , career options available and the list of institutions offering Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering course in Tamilnadu.

Plastic Technology

·     The PlasticTechnology is growing at fast pace. The transport sector, household appliances, transportation of goods, packaging and electricityare the major areas, which demand plastics.

·      In fact, the coffee cup may actually be made from corn-based plastics. The development of novel plastic materials and break-through applications continue at an intense pace. A next generation of performance plastics is being developed that takes its cue from nano-, bio- and composite technologies.

·      As the characteristic of plastic is unique and search for new performance characteristics for plastics in order to innovate new products from plastics that are biodegradable and have a high recycle potential or are made from renewable/non-petroleum materials. Theconvergence of plastics with nanotechnology and composite technology that has given rise to some promising high performance materials. 

Plastic Technology

Plastic Technologiesis recognized worldwide as the preferred source for package design. The development of package, rapid prototyping, preproduction prototyping, and material evaluation is the further trends in engineering for the plastic packaging industry.

Plastic technologists also play a significant role in the key sectors of theeconomyincluding medical field in manufacturing of artificial limbs, irrigation, vehicles, aerospace, buildings, computers and power transmissions. 

Bio plastics, Smart Polymers, Radio Frequency embedded plastics, Nano composites are the new technologies developed in plastics. With the above technologies, plastic will have a greater future compared to other materials.
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