Textile Technology

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Textile Technology

·    Textile technology programs teach the science of creating and enhancing fibers, fabrics and other textiles used in manufacturing, apparel, health care and consumer products.

·      Textiles sector is the largest contributor to the economy of India with 11% of total exports. The export of textile sector is worth US$ 41.4 billion over the year 2015 and expected to grow much faster in the coming years. 

·         The future for the Indian textile industry looks rising with the increase in both the domestic consumption and export. The textile industry of India contributes around 5% to Indias GDP.

Textile industry is one of the oldest industries in India. The industry involves in manufacturing of different types of fabrics both natural and man made, designing, planning and development of new technology.

Textiles are utilized for innumerable purposes other than the manufacturing of garments. Household usages such as carpets, bed sheets, quilts, curtains and towels etc., are the products of textile technology. It is also used for dusters, tents, nets, parachutes etc.,. In space research, several garments and products with unique feature such as firefighting suits, space suit, nose cones are used.


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